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Protecting FSIs as risk management stakes grow

This whitepaper provides valuable insights on protecting financial institutions from growing risk management stakes, including the impact of new guidelines and the emergence of fintech relationships.
Whitepaper Financial Management Cyber Risk Management

Future-Proof Your Factory: The AI Revolution in Manufacturing

Leveraging Conversational AI for Operational Excellence and Strategic Advancement Air Date: May 7, 2024, 5:00 pm CET / 4:00 pm BST Speaker: Ajay Malik, (Chief AI Service Officer of SECO) What's in store from this webinar In an era where integrating artificial intelligence (AI) with manufacturing is not just an innovation but a strategic necessity, the use of AI assistants to ensure product excellence and operational efficiency is on the rise. From unlocking organizational intelligence and streamlining customer interactions to revolutionizing quality monitoring and maintenance, chat-based AI assistants play a crucial role in transforming traditional manufacturing processes. With a suite of capabilities that spans various stages of production, chatbots for the manufacturing industry leverage your company’s intelligence to generate actionable insights, automate repetitive tasks to allow employees to focus on more strategic activities, and aid your workforce in addressing production needs in real-time. They provide tangible benefits to employees, management, and customers, giving you a competitive edge. Join us for an exclusive webinar on harnessing the power of artificial intelligence in manufacturing with AI virtual assistants. Learn how conversational AI enhances operational efficiency, improves product quality, and fosters innovation. Get started on your journey towards a smarter, more efficient, and more profitable future. Why attend? Register now to learn how StudioX can position your operations at the forefront of the manufacturing industry. Secure your spot and take the first step towards a future where your manufacturing operations are powered by intelligence, efficiency, and innovation.
Webinar Artificial Intelligence

2024 State of the CDP

The 2024 State of The CDP offers a comprehensive overview of the evolving landscape and trends shaping the Customer Data Platform industry. This fifth edition provides a valuable resource for businesses seeking to enhance their data-driven strategies, understand market forces, and maximize the potential of their customer relationships. Download your copy of the 2024 State of the CDP and discover key trends around AI, Real-time data, Data Privacy, Efficiency, and notable key findings, including:
Whitepaper Customer Data Management
Blue Yonder

How AI-Enabled Demand Planning Is Changing the Way We Work

Ebook Business Planning

Discover how onboard video can maximise IR3 flame detection

Allow critical decisions to be made remotely: new Spyglass™ flame detectors with integrated high-definition video. In this webinar, Teledyne gas and flame detection specialist Brent Kleven delves into the importance of connecting video systems that allow remote verification of fires and enable first responders to be aware of an exact situation before entering the hazardous area. Moreover, this technology enables post-fire analysis to determine the fire's root cause.
On-Demand Webinar Fire Detection

Business Requirements Demand Strategic Thinking About Networks

Investing in a sound digital foundation and skill sets will be table stakes as more disruptive technologies such as AI and societal initiatives like sustainability demand even more expertise and agility from IT teams. As organizations work diligently on digital transformation, they have identified key business outcomes needed to achieve improvements and drive their business forward. These outcomes include improved business agility, customer satisfaction, operational efficiency, and cost savings. Surprisingly, an IDC study found that 54% of organizations are still building digital capabilities to reach these goals.₁ Organizations need to shift their focus, funds, and resources from day-to-day tactical operations to driving strategic business outcomes to meet the goals of the business. Download this spotlight from IDC to learn how to: 1. Future of Digital Infrastructure Sentiment Study, June 2023
Report Digital Transformation

Resiliency and innovation - Navigating the current biotech landscape

Gain insight from ICON’s Biotech President, Chris Smyth, on the biggest barriers to success in biotech, and the key strategies required to survive and thrive in this dynamic and competitive landscape. Download the article to gain perspective on the:
Article Clinical Studies Pharmaceutical Research and Development

HIV – Global Clinical Trial Landscape

Explore the far-reaching impact of HIV, the latest global research priorities, and the innovative treatments, such as Antiretroviral therapy (ART), that offer hope in finding a cure. Gain insights from CRO experts, Novotech, on key topics, such as:
Report Clinical Studies Pharmaceutical Research and Development

How Your Organization Can Enhance Your Data Security

If you are collecting information—from donors, students, grantees, or people you serve—a cyber-attack or data breach is a real and constant threat. Prioritizing cybersecurity helps your organization protect the trust your stakeholders have in you and helps you defend against attempts to break into your system.   In this white paper, you will get clear explanations and helpful tips for your organization to learn: - How a security incident can affect all areas of your organization - The steps to take to mitigate risks to your organization - The ways your software acts as your first line of defense against an attack - How to protect your donation forms from being used for card testing   Download this white paper today to make sure your organization has the tools and processes in place to protect your data in the event of a cybersecurity incident.
Whitepaper Cyber-security

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