About Us

Techoctopus connects IT professionals and business leaders to content and events provided by vendors whose products and services help businesses work better.

We work with enterprises that need to engage, inform, and add value to business leaders in their chosen market. By utilizing precise audience identification and direct phone and email communication, supported by easy-to-use preference options, we make these connections in a way that maximizes efficiency for vendors and buyers.

You may hear from us, either because you have opted in, or because, based on your role and job title, we think it’s likely you will be interested in the content or opportunity we are sharing.

Whether email or phone-based, our communications are always:

  • Likely to be highly relevant to your role and needs - based on our close collaboration with the vendors and knowledge of their market, customers and users
  • Clearly presented - making it easy for you to identify potential value
  • Simple to access - typically, we only need you to confirm an email address, and we’ll deliver your content or event link to your inbox within minutes
  • Easy to change preferences or opt out of - simply tell us at https://preferences.berne.media/