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3 Ways To Transform Security Operations with IT Automation

The ebook explores the challenges of fragmented security and IT operations, and highlights the benefits of using IT automation to bridge the gap and enhance efficiency, visibility, and collaboration. It discusses the importance of unified IT and security processes in forensic investigations, compliance management, and fleet management.
Ebook Security Management
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AI eGuide: Find Unhappy Users Before they Complain

- Learn how AI and ML can proactively identify unhappy users before they complain, enhancing user satisfaction. - Discover the benefits of Juniper-Mist’s Proactive Analytics and Correlation Engine (PACE) for operational efficiency. - Understand the role of AI in transforming IT operations with real-world guidance from a leading practitioner. - Gain insights into the importance of data quality, model training, and AI integration for network health and automation. - Explore the potential for reducing operational expenses and improving service assurance with AI-driven solutions. Telent have been recognised by Juniper Networks as their 2023 Enterprise Network Transformation Partner and 2023 EMEA Partner of the Year.
Guide Artificial Intelligence
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Cybersecurity Remains Mission Critical

The whitepaper highlights the mission-critical nature of cybersecurity for businesses, particularly small to midsize organizations. It discusses common security threats, the importance of security awareness, and the need for expert assistance and solutions.
Whitepaper Cyber Security Hewlett Packard Enterprise (HPE)
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CISO priorities must shift in a heightened threat landscape

The cyber threat landscape is more disruptive than ever, putting pressure on CISOs to oversee an effective cyber defence strategy. Yet, 42% of cyber security decision-makers say that their cyber security operation, whether managed by a provider or in-house, is underperforming (E2E, 2024). Additionally, more organisations are looking to outsource cyber security services, with 67% of those who currently manage in-house looking to outsource in the future.  What cyber security needs are not currently being met and what are CISOs looking for in a provider? Read this article to find out.
Article Cyber Security Cyber Threats
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Cloud, compliance, and control: why data sovereignty concerns are driving repatriation

Organisations migrating applications and workloads to the cloud face a variety of challenges throughout the process. While there's no singularly overwhelming challenge, meeting internal expectations for migration pace and keeping up with business demands are critical for both CTOs and practitioners involved in day-to-day cloud migration projects. This is driving a shift in cloud strategies with a growing number of organizations repatriating workloads from public clouds back to on-premises locations in order to retain more control over their data. However, well-targeted cloud migrations can continue to offer significant benefits despite the influence of repatriation on cloud modernisation strategies. So how can modern leaders and practitioners balance the needs of the business with the onward march of innovation?
Article Cloud Management
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Breaking down barriers: transforming data security in the cloud

In an era when an organisation’s data is arguably its most valuable asset, keeping track of sensitive data is a critical task for IT decision makers. With data spread across functions, locked in silos, and scattered across channels, cloud apps, and internal systems, the sheer amount of data present within a business can make it exceptionally challenging to track and manage. Unified visibility is critical then if businesses are to not only control but remediate and leverage data to drive operations, growth and success. However, with more data comes more risk. As technology evolves at pace, organisations must embrace innovative tools like Artificial Intelligence and automation if they want to ensure ‘data security everywhere’. Access this recent article to learn about the inherent data-led challenges facing organisations in 2024 and beyond - and how to overcome them.
Article Data Quality
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Copilot for Microsoft 365

The guide introduces Copilot for Microsoft 365, an AI-powered assistant enhancing productivity and creativity in everyday work tasks across Microsoft apps. By leveraging generative AI, it aids in content generation, collaboration, and decision-making, promising time savings, increased productivity, and a strong ROI for businesses of all sizes.
Guide Microsoft Office
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Unlock growth and resilience through financial supply chain transformation

Build resilience and unlock growth with a transformative financial supply chain Economic and geopolitical volatility, and an evolving regulatory environment continue to apply unprecedented pressure to global supply chains. For many enterprises, building the resilience and agility to navigate these challenges, while trying to grow, is undermined by process inefficiencies, limited access to cash-flow, and working capital locked-up in the supply chain. In this executive briefing, learn how a re-evaluation of supply chain financing fosters new levels of cooperation and collaboration, by freeing-up cash flow and working capital for resilience and sustainable growth. See how an integrated buyer-supplier-financer network approach: Explore the brief.
Ebook Supply Chain Management
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Revolutionizing manufacturing through data driven excellence

Discover how industrial manufacturing organisations are using real-time data to respond to increasing market demands. Read Infor’s latest white paper to learn how a data-driven approach can drive better decision-making, reduce time to market, and improve the efficiency and quality of your products and services.
Whitepaper Infor

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