Data center sustainability action plan

As the sector shifts its focus from mere energy efficiency to holistic sustainability, equipping yourself with actionable strategies and insights is crucial to drive meaningful change.

In this comprehensive guide, we delve into the critical aspects of sustainable data center management, covering energy efficiency, greenhouse gas emissions reduction, water conservation, waste management, and the preservation of local ecosystems.

Download it now for your chance to uncover:

  • Actionable strategies for optimizing energy consumption and reducing greenhouse gas emissions
  • Insights on minimizing water usage and implementing waste management best practices
  • Guidance on preserving local ecosystems while maximizing operational efficiency
  • Access to valuable metrics, standards, and resources to drive sustainability initiatives forward

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Directions in sustainability for industry

This white paper covers:
Whitepaper Sustainability
Schneider Electric

Circularity in Action

As the digital infrastructure sector continues its rapid build out, the amount of resources that it consumes innately increases. However, in order to operate in a green manner and meet their 2030 sustainability pledges, data centers must better manage their resource consumption, and explore opportunities to participate in the circular economy. In this episode, expert speakers will take a deep dive on the way data centers can best manage their critical resources. From water management to heat reuse, utilising refurbished hardware to life cycle assessments, this episode will break down how data centers can champion sustainability through holistic thinking and embedding efficiency into data center design.
Video Data Center Sustainability
Schneider Electric

Monitoring Operations for Energy Efficiency

With data centers under increasing pressure to improve their energy efficiency, many operators are turning to monitoring software to find out where improvements can be made in the white space and gray space. But what advancements really come from the operation of data centers, and should more emphasis be going onto the design of data centers? Join this panel discussion for an in-depth discussion and debate on how data centers are improving their operations to help meet their sustainability goals, and reduce OpEx spending. What are the opportunities that can arise as a result of monitoring infrastructure ops? And with the energy supply issues and increasingly stringent sustainability regulation, should the response come from data center design or operations?
Video Data Center Sustainability