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Resiliency and innovation - Navigating the current biotech landscape

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Gain insight from ICON’s Biotech President, Chris Smyth, on the biggest barriers to success in biotech, and the key strategies required to survive and thrive in this dynamic and competitive landscape.

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  • Challenges facing smaller biotech firms, and their battle to scale operations with limited funding, infrastructure and resources
  • New and ongoing trends - discover stats on market growth predictions, how pipeline prioritization remains key, and the rise of advanced therapies and precision medicines, such as CGTs and CRISPR-based gene editing
  • Advantages of strategic partnerships - from optimizing costs, to driving efficiency in development, and why partnering with a global CRO is crucial to support clinical trials in new markets
  • Promising future for biotech - how innovation, such as personalized medicines, continue to pave the way for never-seen-before treatments

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