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Discover how onboard video can maximise IR3 flame detection

On-Demand Webinar Fire Detection
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Allow critical decisions to be made remotely: new Spyglass™ flame detectors with integrated high-definition video.

In this webinar, Teledyne gas and flame detection specialist Brent Kleven delves into the importance of connecting video systems that allow remote verification of fires and enable first responders to be aware of an exact situation before entering the hazardous area.

Moreover, this technology enables post-fire analysis to determine the fire's root cause.

  • Discover the game changing innovation of remote verification
  • Gain the ability to conduct thorough post-fire analysis
  • Capture complete imagery with HD Video Excellence
  • Explore the intricate choice of precision colour vs. near-infrared (NRI) and learn why color video is preferred for hydrocarbon fires but how the optimum option differs for fires such as Hydrogen and alcohol fires.

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