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A full stack solution for end-to-end transport and logistics supply chains

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Discover how NTT DATA's full stack solution revolutionizes transport and logistics supply chains, leveraging cutting-edge technologies like AI, IoT, and blockchain for enhanced visibility, efficiency, and innovation.

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    Business Requirements Demand Strategic Thinking About Networks

    Investing in a sound digital foundation and skill sets will be table stakes as more disruptive technologies such as AI and societal initiatives like sustainability demand even more expertise and agility from IT teams. As organizations work diligently on digital transformation, they have identified key business outcomes needed to achieve improvements and drive their business forward. These outcomes include improved business agility, customer satisfaction, operational efficiency, and cost savings. Surprisingly, an IDC study found that 54% of organizations are still building digital capabilities to reach these goals.₁ Organizations need to shift their focus, funds, and resources from day-to-day tactical operations to driving strategic business outcomes to meet the goals of the business. Download this spotlight from IDC to learn how to: 1. Future of Digital Infrastructure Sentiment Study, June 2023
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    AI eGuide: Find Unhappy Users Before they Complain

    - Learn how AI and ML can proactively identify unhappy users before they complain, enhancing user satisfaction. - Discover the benefits of Juniper-Mist’s Proactive Analytics and Correlation Engine (PACE) for operational efficiency. - Understand the role of AI in transforming IT operations with real-world guidance from a leading practitioner. - Gain insights into the importance of data quality, model training, and AI integration for network health and automation. - Explore the potential for reducing operational expenses and improving service assurance with AI-driven solutions. Telent have been recognised by Juniper Networks as their 2023 Enterprise Network Transformation Partner and 2023 EMEA Partner of the Year.
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    The AI Journey: Going from Practical to Transformative

    The whitepaper explores the journey of organizations in developing AI strategies, focusing on practical goals and alignment with business objectives. It highlights the importance of data strategy, tech infrastructure, and leveraging edge-to-cloud solutions for successful AI implementation.
    Whitepaper Artificial Intelligence Hewlett Packard Enterprise (HPE)